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Father Patrick's Sermons

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Entertaining Angels

Hospitality is a custom in almost every culture. 

But it is not necessarily easy. 

Preparing food;

Spending time with the guests;

And possibly even providing a room to stay overnight. 

It can all be a lot of work. 

Especially when the guests are unexpected. 

And with today's busy schedule even more difficult. 

But guests can teach us many things. 

How to slow down;

How to have a conversation;

How to place people above chores and things to do;

Abraham and Sarah entertained three guests at Mamre. 

Who turned out to be angels in disguise. Gen. 181-16

Abraham washed their feet and Sarah made cakes

And they killed the calf and prepared a feast for them. 

Only AFTER they had offered the three men hospitality,

Did one of them tell Sarah that she was to conceive a child in her old age.  

The Hospitality that Abraham and Sarah offered the three men was returned to them in an even greater blessing.

To receive guests in ancient times was a blessing from God. 

And one never knew what the blessing would be until after the hospitality was offered. 

For Abraham and Sarah, the blessing was a son. 

When one offers hospitality a blessing always comes back in return. 

What that blessing may be, one never knows. 

"For some have unknowingly entertained angels!  Hebrews 13:1


God Bless

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